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Master Solos—Intermediate Level (for trombone and piano)
Published by Hal Leonard Publishing Co.

This collection of classical solos has been arranged for trombone and piano.  Music has been chosen from 17th, 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries (some of which is original music especially written for this collection).  Master Solos come with a CD recording on which Buddy plays each solo with piano.  Included is just the piano accompaniment of each piece.

The Buddy Baker Tenor Trombone Method
Published by Alfred Publishing Co.

This method offers an approach to trombone basics, warm-up, and daily routine (for the tenor trombone with or without an F-attachment).  It includes basic information about breathing, embouchure, tonguing, and lip flexibility, and suggests daily routines for younger players through professional-level performers.

Songs for the Young Trombonist
By Buddy Baker and David Hanson 

Buddy recently has re-edited this collection and it is currently reprinted by or call (970) 351-1943.This collection of eight original ballads is for trombonists with two to four years of experience, and can also be used at the advanced level for the study of ballad style, vibrato, tone and phrasing.  Each solo is one page long. The accompanying piano parts are written by David Hanson and feature Bill Evans type voicings. These simple songs sound beautiful!

The Buddy Baker Tenor Trombone Handbook
Published by ITA Pres: Available at

Published by ITA Press, The Buddy Baker Tenor Trombone Handbook is a sourcebook of materials for both young and more experienced tenor trombonists (both classical and jazz players) and for the trombone teacher. The Buddy Baker Tenor Trombone Handbook is designed for use with the Buddy Baker Tenor Trombone Method.