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Aristotle believed that “excellence is not an act, but a habit.” There may not be a better summary of Buddy Baker’s complete dedication to his art and his work than Aristotle’s observation. A relentless pursuit of excellence has characterized his every act. One of the most highly regarded trombone teachers and performers in the nation, he has stood as an example of artistry, discipline, professionalism and integrity to students and peers alike.

Buddy Baker’s influence as a role model throughout his long and illustrious career has inspired countless students and colleagues. His outstanding example of excellence in trombone teaching and performance, and also of the effectiveness of diligent practice, has contributed to the many successes of his students, who provide magnificent testimony to the soundness of his teaching.

–Shirley Howell, Director, University of Northern Colorado School of Music,
1984-96, Dean, College of Performing and Visual Arts, 1996-98.

“Buddy” Baker is a musician’s musician, a trombonist’s trombone player, a teacher’s teacher and a wonderful friend. If all of the people Bud has influenced in a positive way were assembled at one time (including me, of course), you’d probably have to hold it in Shea Stadium! He is the best of the best of the best—enjoy some extra fishing time, Bud—you’ve earned it!

Roger Pemberton, Professor, University of South Carolina, School of Music, October, 1998